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Not much to tell about me

I was born in the late 80’s and came of age in the 1990’s, a turbulent decade politically and technologically, and those two things interest me in a huge way. I enjoy understanding politics, no matter the ideology or country of origin, I am just fascinated by the concept.

I am a geek or nerd, and would say I am an idiot savant when it comes to anything related to technology. I have a knack for being able to bend circuits and binary code to my whim and have it do what I want. I built my first working computer from 4 scrap 386 computers in the early 90’s. Lets just say that was one hell of a ride for an 8 year old, and my machine was beefy as heck considering I had nothing to compare it to. I fondly remember feeding the floppy disk drive one of the hundreds of Windows 95 disks and taking a good 6 hours to get the OS on my meagre little hard drive. Later I built a 486DX

I try read, although its not often, but I try. I try game, but it’s not that often either. I hardly ever watch any series diligently nor do I invest the time to watch films.

I like a wide variety of games, but my favourites are ones where it is open ended and you can do what you want. Favourites are No Man’s Sky, Cities Skylines, Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto series, Fallout series and Red Dead Redemption. City builders, Strategy and Simulations are definitely up there! I like reading non-fiction, from how the brain works, sociology, biographies, crime and everything in-between. Films and TV have to make me think, to distract me from the production process.

I am the type of person that doesn’t stop when I want to do something. If I don’t know how to do something I find out, I learn, I practice and I know I will never master it, because there are always new developments and techniques that come along so its a continous learning process. My bad habit is jumping in head first in my endeavours, struggling for the first few hours or days to make sense of what I’m trying to do and then only reading the documentation; I suppose it is helpful though that when I use the documentation, I already have a reference of what they are talking about because I went in head first knowing nothing. I also end up fixating on what ever I am doing, till it is done.

I ride my bicycle most mornings, and its insane what its does for my mental state of mind.

I have bipolar disorder, I have been living with it for upwards of 30 years however I have only been diagnosed and medicated for the past 10, in the past 2 years it seems like my cocktail of medications have been perfected and I have never felt better. I recently got treatment for ADHD, I didn’t actually realise how unproductive and stunted I was until the medication was working in full swing, and I forgot to take it one morning and couldn’t function at all after having been on it for only 2 months. I am a staunch mental health activist and I declare that to any one I meet, everyone I have met in the past 5 years knows about my mental illness because I am an advocate of breaking the stigma and bringing awareness through dialogue.

I have 6 dogs, two Maltese - Smiley and Molly, a German Shepard called Luna and two Pitbull's called Peppermint and Daisy and a hybrid between Rottweiler, German Shepard and Pitbull called Olivander, I absolutely adore them! I have also acquired Little Cat, New Cat and Tiny Cat in a short space of time, If I remember correctly their Vet names are Axl, Penny and Maggie.

New Cat
Little Cat
Tiny Cat
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