What I Record


The Screeching Musical Death

I record music most days, and a lot of the time I compile my best tracks of a 2 year period into an LP or EP. By having a lot of interests or hobbies I don’t always find the time to record anything great, however here is my collection.


Here are a bunch of singles, they are distinguisable because I added vocals to them.

Extricate – Journey (2008)
Rugged Bathory – Her & Me (2010)
Johnny Kotch & The Vomits – Fist Full Of Pills (2013)
Conielle – The Digital Blues (2020)

Extended Play (2019)

Recorded over 2 – 3 months, most polished work to date.

Long Play (2015)

This was recorded in a week over Christmas 2015, mediocre effort at best.


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