What I Film & Edit


Video is a profession

By default I am very good at video, its my actual career and what I spend most of my time on. I am pretty good at animation and some basic effects type things. What I excel at though is documentary and insert form media, I know how to cut the fluff and keep things going. These are some samples of my private projects that I edit on my phone. My corporate work is never linked to my private showcase.

Conrad Road Trips Series
Conrad Is Rugged Films Series
Silly Interview with my dog Smiley
Lockdown boredom resulted in a movie trailer
Intro and Outro that was unused while developing a series

Despite making video’s pretty much every day, filming and editing; I do enjoy making some private projects from time to time when my creativethoughts just spark a new idea that I want to pursue. My idea’s are usually simple and lame, but I like pursuing them because video is my ultimate passion

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