What is ConMan?

This is my digital playground, a pathway to my digital endeavours...
I dabble with many things in a personal capacity. I code apps and have done them for corporates but don’t showcase them here as they are closed source enterprise solutions. I also do design work for corporates and again don’t showcase the work here. I pursue music as a beyond amateur hobby and more of an enthusiast, I will eventually publish when I reach a level that I am comfortable with, I am still developing and growing. I film and edit videos as a career for a very well known and important institution; I believe my work is important and I will carry on doing it for the rest of my life most likely, or unless my services are no longer required.

I generally don’t take on work from clients in traditional ways, such as YellowPages and marketing methods, its usually for niche solutions and I climb on board when the clients have been told their solution is impossible to implement. If its tech related, I know how to do it, or I will create a way to do it.

Shoot me a mail on if you would like to chat, get advice or have a solution you need created

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